Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Work Area Storage & Storage Containers

2 hanging torsos
Wool Roving (lots of it!!!!!!!!)
Wool felted fabric, scraps & felted sweaters
Hanging paint organizer
Cool blue canning jar storage
Folk Art Paint storage
Paint brush wash basin & lazy susan
Swival 3 tier organizer
Metal Rulers & Yardsticks
4 apple crates (for craft shows)
2 antique picnic baskets
Craft books
Cutting mat
Craft mat
"Badg-it" Storage
Beads & Jewelry making supplies
fabric covered clipboards
Cloth over the door organizer
Glue guns & sticks
Felting Needle Storage
Pin Cushion & Shears for sewing
Ribbon & other purse making supplies
Shipping Supplies and boxes
Notebooks & Craft Books
Wood & paper burning supplies
Antique & collectable buttons in jars

Rigid cardboard colored boxes with darker brown accented lids 13"x14" for undercounter bookshelf storage & 19"x20" for ???? (Matching)
4 heavy acrylic shelves to go in undercounter bookshelves as drawers 14"deep x22"longx10" high
Acrylic cubes 9"x 6"x8"
9" round acrylic containers with bumper feet
3" square acrylic cubes with bumper feet

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