Monday, January 26, 2009

Work Space Dreams

Because of my desire to continually learn new crafts and collect crafting supplies. . . I'm now in the design stages of a new work area. . . this would be for my Needle Felting, Wool Accessories, Painting and ETSY / 1000MARKETS.

Window - Brightness
Lots of Light for Working
Near Wood Stove for winter heat
Photo Box - Picture taking area (clip on lights & white background)
Needle Felt Portraits in Shadow Box Frames hung on wall when not packed for shows
Tall Stool (painted bright colors for fun)
Large "L" Countertop (workable when standing or on stool)
Hang Craft Show Pendant Banner for the fun of it
Removable Display shelves 12" by 9" routered for acrylic cubes (protect my felted sculptures)
Large tin trash can
Magnetic Board framed
Cork Board covered with cool fabric
Peg Board (have a whole 9' wall in my utility/sewing room and LOVE it!!! ) Paint with metallic paint??
Old frame with glass for dry erase board (cool paper/fabric background)
Xacto knives/Pencils/Pens displayed in antique vases, jars or clay pots
Wire strung with display clips hanging from it
Magnetic knife holder on Cork board frame
Electric outlets for counter top (no more extension cords!!!)

My sewing area will remain the same. I might even take pictures of it, once the work bench is done and my storage re-arranged to the point where I don't look like I'm sewing in a tunnel under piles of tubs and fabric.

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