Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To Create My Vision I Need to Collect:

Find in my stuff:
Cardboard tan paper or brown suit fabric for countertop cover (daughter thinks brown pinstipe suit fabric that I have is too dark, wants me to use kraft paper)
Fabric Colors for Accents/Paint purchases (brown & turquoise, dash of bright green)
MDF board scraps (1 endcap 17"x 39", 12"x56" & 12"x39")

1 MDF board (countertop "L"4'x8'x20", 1 endcap 17"x39", 1 bookshelf 12"x56")
Notebook Fabric
Pincushion Fabric
Clipboard fabric
Corkboard/homasote board fabric
More ClipBoards with large clip & ring hangers
Decor Large Clothespins (5)
Burnt Sienna Folkart Paint (
Cloth Sewing tapes (2)
Wax for painted frames
2 more hinged front shadow box frames
Magnetic Knife holder
Homasote or cork board
Metallic paint for pegboard or metal sheet/metal tray
Turquoise paint
Pink paint
Sage Green Paint
Wool combs
$ store hair picks 5
Metal ruler/straight edge
6 metal feet
6"x3'8" shelf
6"x3'4" shelf
2 furring strips
Drywall mount electrical outlet
Outlet & cover

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