Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just a Note: after finishing my lovely owl with orange feet. . . my daughter drew my attention to the fact that owls have feather colored or black feet. . . oh, well. . . back to the drawing board. ACK!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Artist in Training

How do we create? Even better, how do we help our little ones create the visions that dance thru their brains? Just like adult artists, children have visions of creation that they can physically not yet be adept enough to produce. The frustration, the failed attempts, even the supportive comments from loved ones. . .

These are wonderful sculptures by my 8yo. . . dreaming to list and sell on etsy. . . just like mom (whom is swelled with pride because her 8 yo CALLED her an ARTIST) LOL.

This is the Unvailing of TheHolidayKid, drum roll please. . .

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Barn Owl - In Process

It has taken me several trips around the acreage and lots of thinking to find the right way to display this needle felted owl. . . I'm thinking that the birchbark mini fence post wrapped in rusted wire will look really nice with this barn owl! Completed project should be listed in a few days.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MILESTONES: 200 Hearts on Etsy!

Pit Bulls are doing a "Happy Bully Dance" with me.

I am so excited. My store hit 200 "hearts" ♥ on Etsy! Yea! ChiliMango Designs ~*~Unique & Fun Handmade Jewelry at was my 200th "heart" and I've been having much fun browsing all the lovely shops that "heart" me!

For those of you that don't know what that means...Etsy "hearts" are a way of recognizing a favorite shop.

When I give a heart, it shows that I appreciate some aspect of that persons shop, work or talent. I think it is a great complement to be recognized by your peers.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ummm. . . Dances with Cows!?!

Spring again!!! Fair projects are underway. . . Everytime I see this photo from a prior year, I have to laugh!
Looks like Dance with Cows!
My daughter playing with her young Brown Swiss heifer. . . Cha Cha daughter of Tango

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Getting In Gear!!!

How do we as artist, force ourselves to continue working on projects, even when we don't feel like it or have issues that pull our attention away? I have so many things started right now that can't seem to settle on one and just plain finish it. . .

On the Upside:
First Dog Training 4-H meeting of the year and with fewer than our (in past years) 30 teams, we progressed faster and accomplished more with about 15 teams. Maybe limiting new members was the answer to some of our club's stress issues. . . My 7 yo is dancing in excitement to train his Cruiser dog!!! The 9yo said he doesn't want to train dogs but wishes that his Guinea Pig could be obedience trained like the dogs. . . LOL how these kid's minds work!

Horse Judging Team is doing well and the teens are pushing themselves to succeed which is better than the leaders pushing the kids. . . Pray for these kids that they excell at the upcoming competition on April 19. . .

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dressing Up Dogs. . .

Well, really we played dress up with the dogs. . .The rednose Cruiser seemed to enjoy dressing up but Ready (Blue & White) was all confused about what happened to Cruiser's dog parts. . .

Ready was really worried by the pants on this costume that Cruiser is wearing and he couldn't walk very well with her huge head between his legs looking for his missing parts. . . LOL no more costume pants for Cruiser. . . Poor boy, he loves pants.

My 7 year old, so loves his 4-H dog and can't wait to attend training classes this spring. Already practicing obedience in the house. Really cute when a pit bull takes commands and direction from a little one.

Isn't it cute that some dogs enjoy dressing up and others look totally put out. My daughter's Ready always looks put out and the
new male Cruiser acts like he is cool!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


dogs from our 4-H club doing a short demo before visiting...

stop talking. . .there is people to be licked over there

First home petting time (there were kids there), dogs had a hard time demoing anything with kids so close! Harley, TDI, gets petted first, Ready (in training) waits in line.

Ready is being urged to greet a very fragile acting lady, and the next picture shows how it went.

Ready was very hesitant with the fragile older ladies, but after their hands were placed on the top of her head, she gently and happily licked everywhere she could reach .
These girls w/Harley & Ready do a large amount of PR for our favorite breed and who can resist pretty, young girls with well trained, beautiful dogs. I have seen even people who wouldn't give the breed a chance if handled by an adult, listen nicely and love on the pits handled by knowledgable young people.
Harley, TDI, doesn't care what else is there (Little One the toy poodlish thing) or going on if only he can get petted. He almost pouted because the kids did a short demo before each visiting session. Ready says thanks for the petting, but that Little One doesn't like me. . .Ohhh, empty hands over there. Why do I get the girl that takes time to talk with each patient. . .there are empty laps calling my head and hands to stroke me.
Oh La La, more petting for the love starved pit bull and Ready is finding out that shaking, fragile hand can handle petting a big dog. . .she is really careful about her approach to the more fragile of the patients. But her favorite patient of the day was a gentleman, who's mind was fading, but his health was still robust. The shine in his eyes to hold a big dog said it all.
I love the stable temperment on pits. . .this was Ready's second visit and we are so proud of how she handles it all. Many of our 4-H dogs have reactions to the equipment in nursing homes, wheel chairs, canes, walkers, etc. for the first time, but I have never noticed our pits even glancing at these items. Pits seem to take it all in stride, like people just come with thoses items attached to them.
My first puppy (back in the early 80's) off of Panda's Gallant Finale at 4 months of age, on lead leaped into the lap on a young man in a wheel chair and embarrassed me (we were walking thru a art festival). He laughed delightedly and wanted to keep her (as she is cleaning his face), because he said all the dogs he knew no longer liked him because of the chair. I don't think she even saw the wheel chair as anything other than a way to reach his face easier. Needless to say, I have gotten much better at keeping an eye on ANYTHING my fearless love sponges can get into.
My daughter is sooo much better at this than me, and she does the TDI visits. The first visit, my daughter only wanted to go and do the demo portion (obedience, agility, tricks). But one of the residents was blind and wanted to see Ready with her hands and have Steph give her a more indepth discription on her tricks. What pit puppy can resist an all over body rub without washing a face in thanks?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fools Day to all. . . My last successful April Fools joke was on 4-1-78!!! and it wasn't a planned event but walking by my older brother fixing (something electrical with lots of screws) on a board resting over the laundry wash tub, I asked him if he wanted that screw that was falling down the drain! Gotcha Big Brother. . . can't plan an April Fools joke to save my life. . . though