Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dressing Up Dogs. . .

Well, really we played dress up with the dogs. . .The rednose Cruiser seemed to enjoy dressing up but Ready (Blue & White) was all confused about what happened to Cruiser's dog parts. . .

Ready was really worried by the pants on this costume that Cruiser is wearing and he couldn't walk very well with her huge head between his legs looking for his missing parts. . . LOL no more costume pants for Cruiser. . . Poor boy, he loves pants.

My 7 year old, so loves his 4-H dog and can't wait to attend training classes this spring. Already practicing obedience in the house. Really cute when a pit bull takes commands and direction from a little one.

Isn't it cute that some dogs enjoy dressing up and others look totally put out. My daughter's Ready always looks put out and the
new male Cruiser acts like he is cool!!!

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