Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Getting In Gear!!!

How do we as artist, force ourselves to continue working on projects, even when we don't feel like it or have issues that pull our attention away? I have so many things started right now that can't seem to settle on one and just plain finish it. . .

On the Upside:
First Dog Training 4-H meeting of the year and with fewer than our (in past years) 30 teams, we progressed faster and accomplished more with about 15 teams. Maybe limiting new members was the answer to some of our club's stress issues. . . My 7 yo is dancing in excitement to train his Cruiser dog!!! The 9yo said he doesn't want to train dogs but wishes that his Guinea Pig could be obedience trained like the dogs. . . LOL how these kid's minds work!

Horse Judging Team is doing well and the teens are pushing themselves to succeed which is better than the leaders pushing the kids. . . Pray for these kids that they excell at the upcoming competition on April 19. . .

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