Saturday, January 31, 2009

This will be mine

This will be mine
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This will be mine! All Mine!!! My future workbench/crafting area. . . separate from my sewing area, that is buried under too much stuff and in the darkest reaches of the basement.

Projects To Create My Work Area

Yellow spounged walls
Cardboard (kraft) Tan
Bright Green

Putty 12" shelf ledge, countertop, book shelves and endcaps
Paint bookshelves & endcaps
Fabric/Paper on countertop & 12" shelf ledge
Varnish countertop & shelf
Tape Measure Attached to Countertop Edge

Electricity on Countertop
Paint Shadow Box Frames - brown
Paint Frame for Dry Erase Glass
Paper Background Mount Inside Dry Erase Frame
Chalk or Metallic Storage Box Labels (Use Paint & Stencil)
Storage Boxes(decoupage paper over store name on box top)
Design Slide in shelves to router for my cool 6"x9" acrylic cubes
Handmade Blotter or white/rosin paper roll caddy (to cover countertop during messy work)
Clothes pins mounted on scrap trim
Wire with hanging clips
Tins/Jars with paper/fabric labels
Clay Pot Twine Dispenser
Felt in Jar Bottoms (pinking shear edges for ease on edges)
Pretty Paper Tags - Cloth overdoor organizer
Wash Walls
Paint Color Circles on Walls behind work bench
Cover Clipboards with fabric/paper
Color Code Needle Felting Pins (nail polish)
Pegboard with metallic paint
Cork or Homosite covered with Fabric
Sew Scrap Bag for Countertop Edge
Clean Laundry Tub (for washing wool)
Wash Raw Navajo-Churo Wool
Fabric Inserts for Apple Crates
Iron Board Cover add Organizer
Dog Stencil (PitBullLadyDesign's logo)
Tag Stencil
Design a Cardboard & Fabric Cover/Lid for acrylic cubes & cylinders

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To Create My Vision I Need to Collect:

Find in my stuff:
Cardboard tan paper or brown suit fabric for countertop cover (daughter thinks brown pinstipe suit fabric that I have is too dark, wants me to use kraft paper)
Fabric Colors for Accents/Paint purchases (brown & turquoise, dash of bright green)
MDF board scraps (1 endcap 17"x 39", 12"x56" & 12"x39")

1 MDF board (countertop "L"4'x8'x20", 1 endcap 17"x39", 1 bookshelf 12"x56")
Notebook Fabric
Pincushion Fabric
Clipboard fabric
Corkboard/homasote board fabric
More ClipBoards with large clip & ring hangers
Decor Large Clothespins (5)
Burnt Sienna Folkart Paint (
Cloth Sewing tapes (2)
Wax for painted frames
2 more hinged front shadow box frames
Magnetic Knife holder
Homasote or cork board
Metallic paint for pegboard or metal sheet/metal tray
Turquoise paint
Pink paint
Sage Green Paint
Wool combs
$ store hair picks 5
Metal ruler/straight edge
6 metal feet
6"x3'8" shelf
6"x3'4" shelf
2 furring strips
Drywall mount electrical outlet
Outlet & cover

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Work Area Storage & Storage Containers

2 hanging torsos
Wool Roving (lots of it!!!!!!!!)
Wool felted fabric, scraps & felted sweaters
Hanging paint organizer
Cool blue canning jar storage
Folk Art Paint storage
Paint brush wash basin & lazy susan
Swival 3 tier organizer
Metal Rulers & Yardsticks
4 apple crates (for craft shows)
2 antique picnic baskets
Craft books
Cutting mat
Craft mat
"Badg-it" Storage
Beads & Jewelry making supplies
fabric covered clipboards
Cloth over the door organizer
Glue guns & sticks
Felting Needle Storage
Pin Cushion & Shears for sewing
Ribbon & other purse making supplies
Shipping Supplies and boxes
Notebooks & Craft Books
Wood & paper burning supplies
Antique & collectable buttons in jars

Rigid cardboard colored boxes with darker brown accented lids 13"x14" for undercounter bookshelf storage & 19"x20" for ???? (Matching)
4 heavy acrylic shelves to go in undercounter bookshelves as drawers 14"deep x22"longx10" high
Acrylic cubes 9"x 6"x8"
9" round acrylic containers with bumper feet
3" square acrylic cubes with bumper feet

Monday, January 26, 2009

Work Space Dreams

Because of my desire to continually learn new crafts and collect crafting supplies. . . I'm now in the design stages of a new work area. . . this would be for my Needle Felting, Wool Accessories, Painting and ETSY / 1000MARKETS.

Window - Brightness
Lots of Light for Working
Near Wood Stove for winter heat
Photo Box - Picture taking area (clip on lights & white background)
Needle Felt Portraits in Shadow Box Frames hung on wall when not packed for shows
Tall Stool (painted bright colors for fun)
Large "L" Countertop (workable when standing or on stool)
Hang Craft Show Pendant Banner for the fun of it
Removable Display shelves 12" by 9" routered for acrylic cubes (protect my felted sculptures)
Large tin trash can
Magnetic Board framed
Cork Board covered with cool fabric
Peg Board (have a whole 9' wall in my utility/sewing room and LOVE it!!! ) Paint with metallic paint??
Old frame with glass for dry erase board (cool paper/fabric background)
Xacto knives/Pencils/Pens displayed in antique vases, jars or clay pots
Wire strung with display clips hanging from it
Magnetic knife holder on Cork board frame
Electric outlets for counter top (no more extension cords!!!)

My sewing area will remain the same. I might even take pictures of it, once the work bench is done and my storage re-arranged to the point where I don't look like I'm sewing in a tunnel under piles of tubs and fabric.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The cold we've had the last few days has really taken its toll on my motivation - it saps my energy and after doing the basics of keeping a house running. Doesn't help that my elbow that I injured a long while ago training a rescued dog (when she knocked me on the cement during a "doing it right" party), aches from strain I was putting on it needle felting Christmas orders and working. . . I know shelving books is so hard. LOL

Actually it seems to be the repetitive motion of checking in the books from the cart while sitting at the desk. . . yes, I am now moving my position around more, taking better breaks and the elbow is getting better. Soon, I hope. . . a lovely horse, Sparky the Quarter Horse, is waiting on me to finish him.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

abby guinea pig

abby guinea pig
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This portrait of a Abyssinian Cavy is for a young lady in Japan for Christmas. . . She wanted a baby of her 2 and this was her parent's solution. Abyssinian's are a rough-coated breed with eight to ten rosettes all the body.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Granny Two Shoes: Crafts: Preserving Newspaper Clippings

Granny Two Shoes: Crafts: Preserving Newspaper Clippings

english pony

Sculpture now resides in a Horse Themed Bedroom, proudly displayed in a shadowbox frame next to a whole bunch of ribbons. This young lady's Grandma had so much fun ordering and supervising the sculpture of this portrait.

english pony
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Emmie, the Jersey

12-25-08 062 (2)
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This needle felt portrait is for my nephew who showed Emmie for 2 years. . . from calf til calving. . . in 4-H and just loved her. I have to get a pic of the finished project because I gave it away before getting a photo of the baby Emmie head framed with the adult Emmie head!