Saturday, January 31, 2009

Projects To Create My Work Area

Yellow spounged walls
Cardboard (kraft) Tan
Bright Green

Putty 12" shelf ledge, countertop, book shelves and endcaps
Paint bookshelves & endcaps
Fabric/Paper on countertop & 12" shelf ledge
Varnish countertop & shelf
Tape Measure Attached to Countertop Edge

Electricity on Countertop
Paint Shadow Box Frames - brown
Paint Frame for Dry Erase Glass
Paper Background Mount Inside Dry Erase Frame
Chalk or Metallic Storage Box Labels (Use Paint & Stencil)
Storage Boxes(decoupage paper over store name on box top)
Design Slide in shelves to router for my cool 6"x9" acrylic cubes
Handmade Blotter or white/rosin paper roll caddy (to cover countertop during messy work)
Clothes pins mounted on scrap trim
Wire with hanging clips
Tins/Jars with paper/fabric labels
Clay Pot Twine Dispenser
Felt in Jar Bottoms (pinking shear edges for ease on edges)
Pretty Paper Tags - Cloth overdoor organizer
Wash Walls
Paint Color Circles on Walls behind work bench
Cover Clipboards with fabric/paper
Color Code Needle Felting Pins (nail polish)
Pegboard with metallic paint
Cork or Homosite covered with Fabric
Sew Scrap Bag for Countertop Edge
Clean Laundry Tub (for washing wool)
Wash Raw Navajo-Churo Wool
Fabric Inserts for Apple Crates
Iron Board Cover add Organizer
Dog Stencil (PitBullLadyDesign's logo)
Tag Stencil
Design a Cardboard & Fabric Cover/Lid for acrylic cubes & cylinders

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