Thursday, November 27, 2008


Now that I have finished Body, The Yellow Lab it is back to the felting needles to start on some commissioned Sculptures, all to be gifts ready in time for Christmas.

It is not to late to ORDER A GIFT for the petlover in your family.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Needle Felt Display at the Hasting Public Library

I was asked to teach needle felting at the Hastings Public Library and then to do a display to attract attention to the class (FREE ADVERTISING!!!)

I've had so many comments on the colorful display, as well as education opportunities to tell people about my craft. Most people can't believe that you can do this with felt.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Body, Yellow Lab

eye of the dog. . . just how my dogs like to be photographed

4 1/2" ear to ear 3 3/4" chin to poll 1 1/2" deep
Body is a lovely yellow lab commissioned by a loving Grand-mum for her daughter's Christmas. She sent me the greatest pictures to work from and now, my husband would actually love to keep this sculpture for himself. I started on this piece with a 3" pin in mind, he just kept growing until I contacted his future owner hoping that she would want to shadowbox frame this piece because of his size. Body truly deserves to be framed.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

How much can a picture tell us about someone?

Sometimes I actually hang out in the more Chatty area of Etsy forums.

This was the title of a thread I entered for fun
"Based on the avatar above you, what is the owner like?" says: (about my avatar & I assume my store name)

"Madly in-love with her family and her dog. Doesn't like bullsh*tters. Stands up for what is right and does all she can to make this word a better place. Wants to make a mark on this word that will be remembered and cherished by those who come after her."

What would you say about periwinklesuz with out going to her store?

Monday, November 17, 2008

4-H State Dog Show Results

Ready wins 4th place out of 63 in Agility and GOLD in Rally at Michigan State 4-H Dog Show. . . what a proud pit bull!!!! and teen owner of course!!!!
The Shelti, Ty, helps Steph win Gold in 15 & over Champion Showmanship class and OVERALL BEST JUNIOR HANDLER!!!! Go Girl. . .

Accomplished a MAJOR GOAL

Steph was seatdancing and singing all the way home in the van with 2 tired but happy dogs! My non-giggly girl still giggles everytime she thinks of this day! I don't know that her Reserve Show Of Champions win at the fair topped this day.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Come Shop West Michigan

I'm proud of the many talented people who live in my part of the State. Come see us and post here what you like best from their stores.
Etsy West Michigan: Gift Guide

Thanks Guys

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Upcycled Goodness

Cell Phone Case for a iPhone out of Recycled Blue Jean Material accented by Needle Felted Flower. The needle felt design is my fantasy Daisies accenting initials.

iPHONE sized opening with a blue jean strap that is just long enough to fit over your wrist when not clipped to your purse or keys and is closed with a small clip and ring that rides on a repositioned belt loop. The back of the Cell Phone Case has a partial blue jean pocket. Send wrist measurement along with cell phone dimensions for best fit, it is 10 1/2" right now.

The Needle Felted Wool is felted right thru the jean material and securely fastened to the material and the case is fully lined with red bandanna material.

Comments from a Customer & New Friend:
Cannot put into words how I feel about this seller and her products. Her friendly and sincere personality shines in the quality of her products. Barbara took the time to know more about me and what I was looking for in this particular product. Once it arrived, my iPhone case was more than I had anticipated it to be! I use it everyday and love the personal touches that were put into it. You would have to take me down to get it from me! I love it for its quality and personalization. More over, I love it for the wonderful person who "made" it for me...from her heart!