Friday, February 27, 2009


Workbench, South end-long leg of the "L"
The big white thing will be tested as a photobox. . . soon, I hope very soon. . .

Workbench, west side of short leg of the "L"

Corner of bench (south window)

End Cap on West End of Bench. . . Rulers are also hung here
Pegboard, frames and endcaps freehand painted with sketchy stylized flowers

Under Bench- West End
6" shelf
small pegboard

see my LAMP. . .I'm so excited. . . a 49.99 lamp for 14.95 from a closing JoAnn's
Turquoise Painted Pegboard
Covering Homasote Board with fabric to go beside the pegboard

Shelves Under South end of workbench
4 acrylic drawers
8 brown cardboard boxes
1 project tray

Acrylic Drawers full of WOOL. . . yummy!!!!


  1. is that a paddle for when people move yer stuff? :) I like how you have everything in here....very organized.

  2. The large wooden pizza thingy is going to be used for when I want to hammer something that might dent my worktop BUT a huge paddle for punishment. . . humm! GREAT IDEA!