Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ode' to a Good Dog

Goodbye, Dear Brandi, TDI, CGC We had to say our final goodbye to Brandi, on August 28, 2005 due to complications of Canine Cognative Disfunction Syndrome.

We had slowly been loosing the true Brandi for 6 months but the end was still hard with 2 Pre-school boys and her girl (my Dear Daughter). The boys had been planning on showing her in Young Clovers 4-H when they got old enough (that next year) and didn't know life without her and DD had been showing and training her for years thru 4-H. DD & Brandi got her TDI & CGC and had been showing Adv. Grad Novice, Intemediate agility and Champion Showmanship at the time of retirement.

She continued to make therapy visits until mid summer and spent the last of her days laying on the porch and watching the kids play.

This was just a backyard bred pit bull rescue from the local animal shelter, showing that all dogs have the ability to excell, it all depends on the human's in their lives. GOOOO Pound Puppies. . .

Patient Agility Dog, teaching a new kid & Sandwich making lessons

Part of this Ode' is to raise awareness to Canine Cognative Disfunction, not quite like human altimers or dymentia, it has many of the same symptoms and can be very upsetting to both family & animal. Take your elderly dog to the vet regularly, there are incrediable medical advancements in the area of treatment of animals, and the knowledge of what you and your pets are dealing with helps with quality and longetivity of your animal's care.

Goodbye, sweet old lady, we will be looking for you at the rainbow bridge. . .


  1. Hi pitbull, great blog. So sad about your puppy. It's hard to let them go. My cat was 17 when he passed away. I miss him too.
    LA :O)

  2. That made me cry and cry. you are so good to give her such a wonderful home.

    I've got a fine old gentleman rottweiler, patriarch of the pack, who seems to be on the way there. your story made me very inspired to be courageous about it.