Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bartow Beagle, Baron of Beagleville is looking to relocate in Royal Fashion

PitBullLadyDesigns is pleased to introduce BARTOW BEAGLE, Baron of Beagleville. Who is looking for the serfs of Beagleville to bring him home in Royal Fashion.

BARON BARTOW BEAGLE, having just returned from his afternoon excursion around the field to see what trouble his nose could find, is now content to allow the current household servants of Pitbullville to bestow the most tasty morsels from their nightly meal upon him.

The next thing n his agenda is to check out the housekeeper’s skill in fluffing his pillow for him to make his warm, nightly nest on the couch to watch a little TV during his nightly petting.

BARTOW BEAGLE is a shaded chestnut with slight white blaze muzzle with a black nose looking for a home and to pretty up any outfit (jacket, dress, purse, etc.). BARTOW is a soft & wooly conversation piece . This is a needle felt head of a BEAGLE that can be a pendant, pin or a magnet and is 2" from ear to ear. A Combination of natural undyed and dyed wool roving, Llama and Alpaca fibers are used for this pin and to finish the back to match the front.

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  1. I love the beagle. A precious beagle just won the Westminster in New York. I'm a dog lover too. I have a Bichon. I need to put her in by blog.