Thursday, December 16, 2010

I, so love the idea of homeschooling and actually have 2 kids that have asked to be homeschooled (out of 4, 1 NEEDS to learn to work with others and the other, my only girl, I really, really perferred to be alive to reach majority, step-son was the one that needed homeschooling but that wasn't my call at all). So all of my kids have gone or go to public school, the last two go to a school where my oldest neice is Principal.

But as a Public School parent, I totally believe that schooling doesn't end when the school bell rings or the bus doors close on their behinds. We raise & train animals for 4-H (not for my fun either), public speaking and demonstration events, horse judging, Pit Bull Education, Anti-Breed Specific Law events, go the library several days of the week (not just when I work there, LOL), tween club, chess club, lego club, anime club, and my Jared is dragging me kicking and screaming into the Middle Ages. . . with PVC sword in hand. LOL ( )

At the end of 4 kids and multiple animals, what I have to impart is. . . what works for one doesn't work for another and each Child is a learning event.

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