Friday, December 19, 2008

Stanley the needle felt and Molly the American Guinea Pig

Molly is 4 weeks old American with Satin gene (meaning 1/2 of her babies would be a American Satin if bred with a Satin male) and Stanley is a portrait of a Chicago Teddy. . .

Molly is the much anticipated replacement to Drama. My 9 yo that wouldn't even show the Judge the sex of his cavy at fair time is now planning breedings and wanting to learn more and more about genetics. . . well, atleast a herd of guinea pigs will be much less costly space wise than when my older brother plays with dairy cow genetics. . .

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  1. All from the Molly and Felted Stanley picture on
    andymooo Pro User says:

    Wow! Too cool!
    ...and very cute too!

    mwhimsy Pro User says:

    Too cute!

    Dixiesmom2007 Pro User says:

    LOL cute!

    Graham Toys Pro User says:

    There are a bunch of us in California laughing very hard! Adorable!