Friday, December 19, 2008

needle felt dog wool coat

My first attempt at a dog coat. . . modeled by our boy but made for a female dog to protect her hairless belly.

All the needle felt decorations other than the name are to cover slits or moth holes in beautiful green felt. Goodwill wool sweater fulled in the washing machine into felt. Cut into a vest using the original neck hole. the sweater sleeves are refashioned into the belly band that velcros at the dog's back.


  1. What a cute jacket! Nice work Barbara!


  2. From photo's

    MeaCulpaBodyandBath says:
    lol....I dont know why, but its funny AND cute seeing a Pit Bull in a sweater with hearts.....I actually thought of getting booties for mine though :-)
    PitBullLadyDesigns says:
    Didn't even think about a reason for or against hearts. . . the young man getting this has a cute red nosed female and he has sparkly pink on her collar. . . so pink and hearts went together.

    Plus, all dogs need a few more hearts. Even this big mug looks cute in hearts.

    MeaCulpaBodyandBath says:
    awwwww......I so want to see how that red nose Pit looked like with the sparkly pink and with the sweater with hearts. I bet it was uber cute, if I saw her on the street wearing that I would have melted :-)

    I wish I could dress up my boys with some skulls and bones things, but I will end up dead in a