Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What Is In A Name?

Much thought and time went into the choice of my Store Name.

How to portray myself to the Art World? Not only who am I but what do I stand for? What do I create?

I especially love the portion of my business that allows me to create animal portraits out of felt for people who adore their pets. So, I wanted a name that had something to do with animals.

I also wanted a name that would positively portray my breed of dog in a good light and allowed me educational opportunities. I was tentative about what type of reception my Store Name would receive, but positives of this name far outweighed the negatives.

Doing Dog Safety Programs for children in my community had given me the name I've decided to wear with pride. I'm known as the "Pit Bull Lady" to the under 5' crowd, because Ready, one of our loved rescues helps me with education and entertainment during these programs.

I'm many things to many people (and animals). First, I am a child of Christ. A Wife. A Mother. A Step-Mother. A Grandmother. An Artist. An Educator (not a teacher) but an educator to my children, my 4-H kids, the community about causes that mean a lot to me. An Animal Trainer. A Pit Bull Lover. A Dog Rescuer. A 4-H Leader. A Fighter of Breed Specific Legislation. A Church Volunteer. . . . . . .

My family and I have a long history with this mis-understood breed of dog that has lived with us since the 1980s. I trained and showed American Pit Bull Terriers in UKC , selecting and continuing a special Old Family Red Nosed line. This is the same Breed that I now educate about, fight for, rescue, foster, and my kids show in 4-H.

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  1. That is a great story Barbara. I never would have guessed that you really had to THINK of the name that fits you so well.