Sunday, September 28, 2008

My newest item

This wide headband is redesigned to feature a 'Sweet Cupcake' pin/magnet which can also be worn as a magnet brooch and the headband worn seperately. You can include in this order any design of PBLD's pin, magnet or brooch with no extra shipping cost.

'Sweet Cupcakes' come in chocolate with white frosting and an orange flower, or vanilla with lavender frosting and a deep purple violet - your choice. If there is a certain color combination you would like, please contact me via my Etsy store and I can make it up for you!

My 'Sweet Cupcakes' are magnet backed pins/brooches for headbands, purses, coats, shirts and hats. They are felted on a felted sweater scrap base - new and recycled, pretty and useful - what more does anyone want?! How can a brooch or pin be useful? Well, I use mine as a wearable pin cushion and Etsy advertisement! LOL

'Sweet Cupcakes' are 2" tall and 1 1/4" wide. The magnet that is next to your skin is encased in a tiny, soft fabric tab to make handling easier.


  1. I just LOVE your needle felting! I recently bought some stuff to learn, but I am hesitant to do my first one! I see that you follow my site, sadly I have not done many new posts :( I really need to get busy with it again.... so much going on in the summer, it's hard to find the time to blog. I wish you were here in Branch county! :D My kids want to get involved with 4-h and will likely take the chickens. Most people around here are still very scared of pit bulls and I doubt our Halo would be welcome in any of the dog obedience classes.... plus he still gets over-excited when meeting new people and dogs. It's so embarrassing.... he's fine once he calms down... but that initial greeting has him acting like a fool! He needs more training for sure.

  2. Needle Felting: Just jump in and try with needle felting it is just so fun and easy.

    4-H: Check with your local MSU Extension office for information on clubs and pick the best one for your children and don't be afraid to move to a more comfortable club if you see one. Dogs always are excited in new situations and new people, we as trainers/leaders, expect that and if you have questions on the fit of your breed with a club then call and talk with the leader. . . someone will be open and willing to at least meet with you to evaluate if your dog would fit with the many dogs in their club. A CGC or TDI title/certificate will also open doors and hopefully help with insurance if that is an issue.