Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This old man has a new lease on life with a foster home. Daughter and I made a wild trip to K-zoo AC to test and pick up this guy for meeting a transport to his new foster home in the middle of a late march snowstorm. Shelter would release him til vet checked him between 1 and 2, shelter is closed from 2 to 3 and recloses for the day at 4:30. Good thing we aimed at making the pick up at 3 because of the storm they were closing at 3:30! Older guy with a golden attitude and horrible back legs and hips.
Note from Foster Family:
Barbara, I'm sorry to say that I don't have good news concerning Benson (formerly known as Strut). He had his neuter done today and we had him x-rayed while he was anesthetized. He has bilateral luxating patellae, severe hip displasia, and old fractures in both femoral necks. The vet was extremely surprised that he is not in terrific pain. We are going to treat with meds, nutrition, and supplements for now and reevaluate once we get some weight on him and gain some muscle tone. The neuter went without a hitch and everyone at the clinic loved him! My daughter and her boyfriend, Mark, as already so sucked in by this dog!! He has been a real gentleman since arriving here. I will suggest to Stephanie that she contact your daughter and get some pointers that may help Benson. I'd love to pull all of those dogs but we have relied on Chicagoland for 2 dogs in the last 3 weeks and I believe they are full right now. Steph was also considering Buck but felt that 10 dogs was her sane limit. I would have to agree since Benson is going to require some extra time and attention. If I could get this lunkhead of a Rottie adopted I'd take one of them but 2 large dogs and one medium dog is all that I can handle with the multitude of reptiles here. I'll put the word out and see if I can't drum up some interest. Attached are photos of Benson. Please feel free to use them in whatever way you feel is constructive. Thanks again for your help in getting Bennie out of the shelter and over to us. We really appreciate everyone's efforts to get that done.


  1. Please pass on to Ben that life after shelter is good, just keep away from rabbits. Hurting rabbits is bad luck.

  2. LOL. . . it is so hard for any terrier not to hunt but Benson (Strut) overnighted at my house and didn't even look at the horses or cows. He was intimidated by the loose deer during his midnight walk, also. . .