Saturday, March 1, 2008

Good Cook

I was fixing large meatballs (like mini meatloafs) and mashed potatoes, ummmm, it smelt good.

Looking down there were the dogs all attentively waiting and wishing for morsels from heaven to fall. I smiled at the compliment on my cooking, til. . . . *frown*

I remembered something. . .

Beautiful Ready belched. . . and managed to look bemused at the sound.

They had just gotten in trouble for raiding the horse pasture. . . . ewwwww. . . thier snack of the day. . . frozen horse. . . um. . . treats!?!

Guess they were not in the kitchen as a compliment to my food. . . Darn dogs will eat ANYTHING.

Laugh with me. . . not at me. ..

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