Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cooking, TV and OK. . . . . . . . Ranting

when all through the house…the only one who was stirring was me… in the kitchen…making stuff. What kind of stuff? Good stuff. I thought my stuff was already good. This stuff is better. Lord. Better stuff? We’re dating…
Yes, I have officially lost my mind. I blame it on reality TV and the idiots who participate. I don’t want to see anymore people with a jillion kids, or crazy people who’ll jump off a mountain if someone will watch. I just want my old TV shows back. The ones with good drama. Sometimes funny. Sometimes sad. But fiction, for God’s sake. Isn’t there anyone left in the entertainment industry who has some creative imagination?
Ok. So I’m on a rant. It’s sugar overload, I think. I haven’t eaten real candy in over a year. I’m making goodies and sampling them against Weight Watcher advise, I might add. Don’t worry. I haven’t lost complete control.

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