Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy

1. Reading a good, inspirational story. . . by Lori Wick, Francine Rivers, Sally Johns, etc.
2. Fiber In My Hands. . .Undyed Wool (especially) just waiting to become something new under my needle.
3. Catching my 8 & 9 yo boys reading the encyclopedia for the FUN of learning. . . on Spring Break at that!
4. I love when creatures start peeking out of the unformed blog of fibers on my needle felting pad. . .
5. Coming home from my lovely job at the Library to find my boys (and teen daughter) sitting at the craft table or kitchen table CREATING for the fun of it. . . digging thru my stash and their own for supplies to create something new and special . . . Just for fun!
6. The light in a child's eyes when they "Get It" at a dog or horse training lesson. (plus the thrill of volunteering with 4-H and all the great and wonderful people that I have met there).
7. The happiness in the dog's expression, just because the most important person in their lives is HAPPY.
8. The happiness in MY Family's Dogs' faces when I take time to do a bit of obedience, rally or tricks with them.
9. The calm and sweet nicker of my Arabian, when he sees my teen daughter or I, and realizes that this is "His Time".
10. Adding a finished project picture to Flickr or my Etsy store. . . it's done, it's tested, it's lovely and it's finally ready for public feedback or a new home.
Ok just had to add. . .
11. Reading a series of books (House of Night, just finished Hunted!!!!) or watching a DVD series (like McLeod's Daughters) with my teen daughter, discussing the events or the anticipation of the next installment. . .

Thanks to I Can Make That and 'Beneath the Rowan Tree' for a great idea!


  1. wow that is a terrific list! time to grab a book for summer reading!

  2. Thanks

    Since becoming a librarian, I have found so many more favorites it is amazing!

    One Grave Too Many -Beverly Connor