Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"On The Go" Needle Felt

My on the go Crafting Tote. . . it travels with me EVERYWHERE, in case I get a chance to Needle Felt.

Baseball Card Acrylic box contains my wool/fiber with pictures to work from and extra flat felt in the lid. (bottom view)

Baseball Card Case open . . . (top view)

Clover Brush and 3 needle pen in a Walmart acrylic case that came as a holder for 12 little, screw lid bottles for jewelry. Husband sanded down the edges of the brush to fit within this case. There is space along the edge of the bristles to roll my acrylic fleece scrap(sometimes used to protect the sculpture from the grippy surface of the brush), embroidery scissors, Clover 3 needle pen and bits of colored wool. . . I hold the lid on with a rubber band during travel.

This little case was also, useful when transporting a new show Guinea Pig baby home. I needed to make some stops at stores and didn't want to expose the baby to winter weather waiting in the cold van. I emptied the felting supplies from it and set it in the bottom of my tote with the Guinea Pig corralled in by the sides of my tote and the big baseball card box, laid a winter scarf over the tote and Guinea Pig rode in warm comfort thru out shopping trip. . . (shssss, don't tell the store managers) LOL

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  1. Comments from feltingforum.com

    1.I have a felted bag and stuff wool and needles inside with a smaller sized foam pad. I take my work everywhere and believe it or not many still have no idea what I am doing!

    2. I have a bag similar to yours but no where near as neat and tidy lol , i take it everywhere i go just in case. I even have hubby reminding me not to forget it when i go out or even to work. lol :flower:

    3. Hi Now you have a great set up. I like the plastic organizer. I like to see my wool all around me as I work.

    The way I take mine is just all shoved in sandwich bags in a big canvas grocery sack. Not organized and not to travel friendly. Definiatly not to neat to look at. At least I upgraded from the paper grocery sack I was using.. it fell apart.

    4. Felting on the go.....I always love to travel with my felting. When I am traveling in the plane. I seem to take lots of colors with me. I would hate to be creating something and not have the right color wool. What I do is vacum seal my wool in sandwich size bags. This way I can fit more in more carry on. My foam pad is cut to fit a jewelry tray. for some reason I love that I can just sit in my lap and felt. As a matter of fact I better start packing, I am leaving next Saturday for LasVegas and then to the east coast, for a week. I am thinking this could be a "bunny" production trip and I will not need to bring as much!


    5. I take my needles in a case in a drawstring bag and then put my foam, current work and any colours I might need in a larger cloth bag that I put the drawstring bag in. I don't really go far for long, but last time was to an indoor play place in the school holidays and I got a few stares, people watching over my shoulder. An older lady and small girl asked what I was doing. No-one I know here has any idea what I do though, they've never heard of felting at all.

    ME: I can't think of a time while needle felting in public that I didn't have several people comment. . . come and watch. . . ask questions. . . take a business card.

    Men as well as women!

    I think that sculpting animals draws the men as much as a woman. . .I have men stop by my booths and look while their wives are busy elsewhere, esp. if I have Ready dog with me. . . who can resist a beautiful block head pitty love bug. We get in discussions about dogs, breeds, farming, cattle, dog training, felting I'm working on right then. . .anything other than what is for sale. LOL